Creativitywith aBang ®

We're not 'just' an advertising agency.

We were born on the streets, bastard children of creativity and strategy.
Even though technology is our weapon of choice, we're still men of the people.

And here's how it works

You aim, we shoot

Welcome to the family

The family commandments.

Because even in these fucked up days, that’s gotta mean something.

  • Protection

    We don't have clients: we have famiglia.

  • Respect

    For who we are and for what we're doing here.

  • Loyalty

    In a world of appearances, trust is sacred.

  • Influence

    The impossible is always just a phone call away.

  • Efficiency

    When the trigger is pulled, we always hit the target.

La Cosa Nostra

Our Stuff

The goodfellas

Wanna be the boss
You gotta have the guns.


But always with a bang

Think you got a 'job' for us ?

Head Quarter: Portugal Lisbon 1200-482, Portugal
Rua Victor Cordon, nº 5
+351 212 418 748
New Business Portugal Francisco da Luz Ferreira ( Founder & CCO )
+351 915 300 903

Hugo Antonelo (CEO & Account Director)
+351 915 300 904
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